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"Coach Harris is a fantastic coach. He trains athletes physically and mentally. He is very personal, positive and skillful. My son is very lucky to have him as his coach."
- Ming J., Arcadia, CA

"Prompt, professional and well-experienced. Coach Harris is amazing! She pushed my daughter harder than she's ever been pushed and taught her to challenge herself. Thank you!"
- Gale C., Los Angeles, CA

"Training was great for my son. He started a scared sophomore on the varsity football team and with Danny's help he blossomed in a confident young man with speed and great agility. Not only did Danny expand on his physical abilities, but he enhanced his emotional and mental state as well. This was an all-around experience for me and my son, and I am so proud to call Coach Harris our trainer."
- Dan K., Arcadia, CA

"Danny has worked with my son for over a year now and the progress has been remarkable. He really knows how to connect with his athletes and motivate them to find the best in themselves and achieve their goals. I highly recommend Danny without reservation. Regardless of what type of training he tailors for you, it will make a huge difference and give you the winning edge."

- Ted T., Arcadia, CA

"Neither our son or daughter had any sports experience prior to training with Coach Harris. Their focus was music. The day you told our daughter that she needed a little bit more "lady tiger" was an awakening and exactly what she needed to hear. Her confidence on the track is evident now in practice and meets. The block work and technical training you provide is outstanding and has resulted in her quickly moving from a freshman runner to a varsity runner in just a few months of competition. Our son came to you not wanting to run and you provided him with constant encouragement and patience as he developed. He is now a confident hurdler. We are elated at the competitors they have now become and we are grateful they have the opportunity to learn from the best trainer in track and field."
- Dave & Teresa B., Los Angeles, CA

"Coach Danny was great!"
- Andrew W., Andover, MA

"Thanks Coach Harris for helping me get stronger in the 200m, teaching me how to get out of the blocks and helping me work on my stride."
- Ayana F., Los Angeles, CA

"Thanks Coach Harris for putting so much work into teaching me the hurdles. You always teach me to do the right thing, and attack the hurdle with technique and form. Without you, I wouldn't have even thought of running hurdles. Thank you!"
- Ryan F., Los Angeles, CA

"Danny's coaching has improved my abilities and confidence immensely. He pushed me more than anyone ever has, giving me the confidence to believe in myself. Within two months I was able to run from home to first base .3 seconds faster getting down to 2.98 seconds. I can run nearly as fast as the lefty-slappers on my team. Being a pitcher, his workouts have given me the strength to throw harder allowing my pitching to become more effective. As for the mental side, he taught me how to talk to the players on my team to pump them up and get us to win. I can never thank him enough for what he has done for me. Thank you Danny!"
- Erin G., Arcadia, CA

"My daughter runs high school track and has been training with Danny for two months now. Even in this short amount of time I've noticed how much Danny invests into the kids he works with. Not only does he train her in speed, form and strength, but he has gotten to know her as a person and has taken the time to counsel and mentor her as well. Above all, I appreciated that my daughter has a trainer who is helping her to reach her goals and whom she has a tremendous amount of respect for."
- Yolanda G., Arcadia, CA

"Coach Harris is amazing in his approach of instruction and his expectations of performance. My son, with the instruction and encouragement from Coach Harris, has pushed himself to perform in ways I don't think he ever thought he could. Regardless of the sport your child plays, Coach Harris works on technique and conditioning that allows your child to become faster and stronger. With all of this comes confidence that is invaluable."
- Al G., Arcadia, CA

"I met with Coach Harris and told him that I would like to have my son start training with him. He looked me in the eye and said that before he would take him he wanted to meet my son and see if he was serious about becoming a better runner and all round athlete. I warned my son that this was serious training and he better be ready for some real work. Long story short, Coach Harris has been training him for 2 months now and the improvement is remarkable.  He has gained speed and quickness. I can only tell you that I am really impressed. If your son or daughter wants to get better at whatever sport - baseball, football, soccer, track - you cannot get a better person to train them. I will keep my son in weekly training with Coach Harris as long as he stays in any sport, either high school or college. One happy father!"

Lonnie W., Arcadia, CA

"Thank you, Danny, for teaching me the skills I needed to three-step the hurdles. Those workouts were a killer, but they really paid off during track season.  I couldn't have done it without your help!"

- Nicole S., Ames, IA

"My sophomore year of high school I began working with Danny on long jump and sprint technique.  That school season I placed third in the long jump and sixth in the 100m at our state meet and received two other relay medals.  The next winter indoor season I won indoor state long jump and medaled in the 60m.  During the one-on-one time with Danny, we were able to focus more on form and jumping which helped me achieve my goals. My favorite thing about working with Danny was the individual attention.  Danny would always push me to do my best while training. He gave me confidence to believe in myself."
- Ashlee D., DeMoines, IA
6-time Drake Relays medalist, 10-time State medalist, AAU and USATF National Qualifier

"Danny's coaching experience and dedication are second to none.  He knows how to motivate athletes to be their best.  Thanks Danny!"
- Paul and Kathy S., Ames, IA

"Thanks again for all you have done for Miles.  I am not sure how his season will turn out, but you have given him both the confidence and the skills to achieve whatever he wants to do."
- Zane B., Waukee, IA
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